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The family had a great time at the Forum on Thursday night. The concert hall is beautiful.. Lots of marble and a very beautiful interesting ceiling with an astrological/astronomical theme.

I thought Ethel was amazing. They put a lot of passion into what they were playing. The woman playing the cello got sounds out of that instrument that I didnít know were possible. Watching them communicate with their eyes to each other was very interesting. Some of the lines that the violinist ran would shame even the best guitarist. Their CD is on my list to get.

Joe Jackson was also excellent. It was mentioned knitwitís reviews about Joe interacting with the audience. He seemed to genuinely react to the crowd and seemed to have lots of fun doing it. His sense of humor was great, but even with that in mind, he was able to deliver some poignant songs that had the audience hushed. Joe was relatively new to me (other than the radio songs) but I would go see him again if I had the opportunity.

Todd was great. Great sense of humor. He made the best of his cold predicament. Despite being a long time fan, this is the first solo show Iíve seen him do, so most of the songs, I had never seen him perform before. I donít really gain anything looking for flaws, so I didnít. For that moment in time, it was perfect for me. I just absorbed it for what it was.

It was a great evening of mental, spiritual and emotional stimulation and satisfaction for me.

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04/21/2005 - Forum Auditorium - Harrisburg, PA

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