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This had to be the best "solo" Todd show I have seen! Todd clearly delivered each tune with more emotion and enthusiasm than any other time I had seen him.

Yes there were some minor technical problems, the most prevalent being his body fighting off a nasty cold. - It did not stop him from giving the audience a show beyond any superlative! His voice had an added dimension, which I never heard before. - More complex with added depth!

Harrisburg was ALL OVER IT! There was plenty of interaction with the audience, which gave the show a unique personal quality.

Joe Jackson put on a most perfect solid solo performance. His voice is AWESOME!! His piano playing, stellar!

His choice of songs was great! This guy is truly into his craft and it showed last night!

Ethel was amazing as well! Each member of the quartet is an accomplished classical musician and they work off each other very well. They play traditional instruments plugged into the main sound system. This allows for them to mix well during the end of the show where they work with both Joe and Todd.

Their selection of pieces was very welcomed and I really enjoyed at one point, where they played various harmonics on the different positions of their instruments.

No doubt about it, Harrisburg loves Todd and he did not disappoint!

SEE THIS SHOW - It's much better than I could ever express with mere words!!

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04/21/2005 - Forum Auditorium - Harrisburg, PA

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