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Todd & Company's only mid- Atlantic date was a great show on a tour that will get better as it progresses. Ethel was superb especially the beautiful Finnish fiddle piece they performed.Joe Jackson was excellent as I suspected he would be.

Todd came out and played the first part of his set on guitar, great to hear "Black & White" and "Beloved Infidel". Todd commented on spending alot of time in NC to see his boy Rex play minor league baseball for the Carolina Mudcats and goofed on Greensboro's new baseball team, The Grasshoppers.... "Grasshoppers! Wow that sounds threatening!" hilarious, and I couldn't agree more.

Todd was dead-on vocally but a little stumbling instrumentally both on guitar but especially piano. Both Todd and Joe Jackson seemed to be fighting the monitor system all night which may account for some of the flubs here and there.

Highlights for me were "Song Of The Viking" which he nailed and "Pretending to Care" with Ethel (worth the price of admission). I was disappointed there were no tunes from "Liars" nor "Up Against It" but I would never miss Mr. Rundgren anytime he's in the area and I feel damn lucky this tour came through my town.

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04/20/2005 - War Memorial Auditorium - Greensboro, NC

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