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Nice thing Todd's boy (Rex) plays baseball in North Carolina. IN the last 20 months we have gotten two see him on his solo tour, Liars (twice) and once again last nite.

Seeing Todd in accoustic form is always charming. His mistakes are funny and he knows it! Last nite he made a few bad chords and did play the same song twice! Well, amost. The raw energy he still brings to the songs are still refreshing. I'll take a few mistakes over non-passionate perfection any day. He keeps it honest.

His voice was in great shape! I guess not having to scream "Liars" is good for the voice! For me "compassion" and "The Wheel" were highlights.

Ethel is very good for what they do, but we got up and socialized in the lobby after a few songs in the opening set. It was going to be long show, and the coctails with that time of music was making me sleepy!

I bought Joe Jacksons "best of" last week and have been impressed by his body of work (best of sampler) and was looking forward to seeing him. His ability on the piano is excellent and his voice was excellent. Not knowing many of the songs was a bit of a handicap. He was very technical, professonal, neat, and seemed to enjoy himself. Some came just to see Joe and it seemed the crowd thinned a bit after he was done. They missed his encore with Ethel.

Todd by contrast is a bull on the piano, and hard on his strings! It was unusual that Joe trumped him in the sarcastic department with comments about the new Pope. Todd got off mostly about our baseball team and did make us laugh.

I enjoyed the encore with Ethel of a Joe Jackson song, then Todd with "my guitar gently weeps", an unidentified song, and "Black Maria". Joe's song was great, as was Black Maria, but the George Harrision song got a bit muddled with the strings.

I am always greatful to see Todd just one more time. He looks great, sounds great! Its silly to think I first saw him 26 years ago! He must be a vampire! I Think I have seen him 10 times now over the years. My regret is not seeing him on his "World Ordr Tour". But those Wolman Rink shows in Central Park were priceless! Back then, Todd was real skinny and pale. He looked like a vampire in need of a meal and a tan!

When I told "common" folks about the pending show many are still suprised he is still relevent, and still recording! While fans can enjoy a "personal relationship" with Todd via small shows and his internet access, its high time we get the man into the "Rock N' Roll" hall of fame and share the greatness. His body of work as a writer, performer, producer and inovater more than qualifies him many times over! Perhaps they are still afraid of him and his views? But isn't that was "rock" was based on? Being a rebel? Shame on them! Liars!

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04/20/2005 - War Memorial Auditorium - Greensboro, NC

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