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I ran out today and bought some Theraflu.

After the priviledge of attending the Jacksonville show at Florida Theatre, it must be stated that my previous version of the Todd Solo Show has been altered. No question- this was the best overall solo TR performance I have witnessed. Maybe it's when you expect something one way (fat fingers trolling the keyboards?) only to have it surprise ( I've never heard his piano as deliberate!)- the stars align, sparks fly, or whatever occurs to draw your emotional tensions out through Todd's talent.

It was an interesting moment when challenged with the audience's request for 'The Wheel'. With a quick "Are you tempting me?" reply, Todd threw a wonderful curve launching into the song to the delight of all.

The evening was filled with interesting details like those above. I've only mentioned those as evidence to my statement 'best solo TR show'.

Joe Jackson is very, very good. Alone, with Ethel, and with TR.

The roundup at the end with all playing together was unique. Probably deserved another song in fact.

Not being 'born to criticize', I will only fault the theatre for letting the smoke machine appear more like a mosquito defogger at times. Otherwise, WOW!

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04/18/2005 - Florida Theatre Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL

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