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What a Monday in the little town of Jacksonville, Florida ! The beautiful Florida Theatre, one of the best concert venues in the south along with two of my favorite musicians.

Ethel opened the show with an amazing set, these people are in absolute command of their instruments and generated a driving rhythm and had the crowd in awe. A few too many people were still filtering in as they were in mid-set (the jet set in the front rows) but those in the audience were in for a treat. I was greatly anticipating their return to the stage later in the show with Todd.

Joe came on stage and played a beautiful set. His voice sounds as strong as ever. He created two of my favorite albums are JJ: Look Sharp and Jumpin’ Jive. He mentioned a new CD he’s releasing and I’ll be picking up a copy.

This was my first time seeing Todd solo and first time since the 70’s when I caught him several times with the entire band playing the colleges in Long Island. My sister Kath was and is a huge fan and turned me on to ‘A Wizard a True Star’. I’m 44 now and still play his music all the time, recently got my 3 and 6 yr old sons listening to ‘Back to the Bars’, they sing “love is the Answer” as a lullabye almost every night (and, by the way, he’s right “love IS the answer”). He was great. Started right out with an absolutely smoking version of ‘Black & White’ on acoustic and nailed it; selling out the vocals and singing like he just didn’t have a care (despite the flu). What fun, right out of the gate armed with only an acoustic and he’s cranking out B&W. His final selection was Black Maria with Joe and Ethel. It was a rush to hear it as I hadn’t even played it in so long, took me right back to 1977-78. In between those rocking bookends were all kinds of little jewels like ‘Hammer in my Heart, The Wheel (amazing rendition), Love of the Common Man… His voice wasn’t 100% but he still went after every song. True to form, he was funny, clever, fantastic player, beautiful piano and guitar work.

They ended up back on stage for a finale set with Joe, Todd and Ethel. Black Maria was strong they finished with While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

My only regret, I couldn’t stick around after the show by the bus, Really wanted to get Todd to autograph my ‘Back To The Bars’ Album but the baby sitter phoned and we had to bail before he came out.


Sorry you missed it Kath, stuck way up there in NY but get in line NOW for his show at the Beacon Theatre in NY. I may fly up and join you!


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04/18/2005 - Florida Theatre Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL

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