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On a very chilly evening TR and JOE JACKSON played a very inspirational show for approximately 3000 lucky fans.The show started soon after 8pm with ETHEL playing several eclectic tunes.JOE took the stage immediately thereafter .After some tech difficulties he proceeded to play HOMETOWN from his DAY AND NIGHT LP.JOE sounded great all night,he is truly amazing on stage,we are so lucky he is touring with TR. After a brief pause TR took the stage and played approximately for one hour . His voice sounded great and seemed to be in a great mood.Some highlights of the show include ,BELOVED INFIDEL,AFTERLIFE,TINY DEMONS,AND COMPASSION. Overall this show ,had some tech problems,but both artist displayed great musicmanship and passion for their work.One day TR and JJ should collaborate on producing some music together.Dont miss this one,stay tuned,something is coming and i cant wait.

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04/16/2005 - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre - Pompano Beach, FL

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