Pompano show - April 16

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The only disappointment at the Pompano show was the very chilly weather! Both JJ and TR had to overcome some technical gremlins, but this added to the charm of being in a fairly intimate (3,000) setting. Who needs slick, choreographed, formulaic pizazz when you can rather sit back and enjoy some informal jamming with these very talented musicians?

Joe Jackson's voice conveyed a tremendous amount of range and emotion, and his skill at the piano made up for any missing band members. And as for Todd Rundgren, although we didn't know all of his songs, we were impressed by the strength and range of his voice, along with the passion he seemed to be putting into his performance.

During the ever-popular "Is she really going out with him", it was great to see Joe Jackson's taken aback laughter in response to the crowd's enthusiastic roar of "WHERE?".

Friends in the UK have tickets for this show in York, and we're looking forward to hearing how these performances travel over the Atlantic.

Thanks for a great evening, Joe & Todd! Next time, we'll bring gloves and scarves ...

Julie & Malcolm in Florida

P.S. Oops, can't believe we forgot to mention praise and appreciation for Ethel's contribution to the Pompano show - their talents added a powerful dimension to the show and provided the perfect thread for sewing together the combined JJ & TR songs at the end of the show. Great combination of musical genius.

Thank you!

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04/16/2005 - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre - Pompano Beach, FL

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