Pompano Beach A Holiday For Strings!

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This show was the way a rock concert should be. All the elements were there, including fine musicians who were proud to perform for us and a grateful, receptive audience. To tell you the truth, I was surprised and delighted because I had no idea that Florida's Gold Coast had so many Todd Rundgren fans! I can clearly see the concept that Todd and Joe want to present to their fans with this line up....It's a Holiday For Strings tour! What on the surface seems to be unadorned, serene and conservative can also lead to rip-roaring rock and soul, expressed from the bottoms of these performer's hearts.

Joe Jackson came out after Ethel's heterogeneous and noble classical set, had his ear monitor fixed by the stage tech and proceeded to open his act with his delicate and reflective My Home Town. After showing appreciation to the audience response, Joe then loosened up with a little dialogue and laughter with the crowd. You could see he was quite confident and highly pleased with the fans reactions. His latest song Awkward Age and some off the 4th album in particular, Different For Girls are very well suited to his range and his vocals were delivered with much joy and conviction. The crowd ate up his hit record Steppin' Out and he had a jolly good time interacting with them as they sang along to Is She Really Going Out With Him.

Hello Toddy, well Hello Toddy its so nice to have you back where you belong....... There you are, but we knew it all along and NEVER had any doubt about it. The crowd gave a roaring cheer as Todd entered the stage after the short intermission in his passionate purple blazer. There is no one who has more stage presence and such wonderful rapport with an audience than Todd Rundgren. I was astounded by his form and delivery on this night. It was flawless and came shining through. As I sat and listened I was immersed in Todd's thoughts and feelings, delivered and served up as a gift straight from his heart to thousands of us. Todd, you have spoiled my ears and expanded my thinking and music can no longer be mediocre for me. I love the surprises Todd is bringing to us on this tour. Although I was in complete awe from last years Liars tour and CD, the change to low tech this year is innovative, refreshing and, even more, takes a heck of a lot of guts! The lucky fans of Todd and Joe who are attending these performances are truly fortunate. I witnessed everybody smiling..all the players having fun and enjoying themselves as much as the appreciative audience. It was terrific to be a part of this experience. A song list, so you know what to expect? Nope...this show is now in the Past and I know things are never the same and always progressive in the world of Todd Rundgren. Bring your friends and family to this show too, they just might go home as a Todd and Joe fan you can share the gift of their music with, or your kids might even decide they want to play the cello in the school orchestra. I'll see you all across the ocean in London, for more thrills and unexpected delights.

Thank you Todd, Joe and Ethel.

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04/16/2005 - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre - Pompano Beach, FL

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