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while pompano amphitheathre was a very cool venue, it was surreal to see a todd solo show in this kind of space.this was the first time most of us had been there. the show was sold out, 3,000 people on a very chilly south florida night. coming off of last night's clearwater show, we were curious as to what was going to transpire tonight. show kicked off with 'common man', 'black and white', and 'cliche'. nice start, todd was in good form, but the fire and passion of friday's show was replaced with steadiness and calm, which remained throughout the rest of the show. piano next, nice 'compassion' 'viking song' and a rocky 'hello it's me'. back to guitar, 'tiny demons' was a treat, and then 'hide your love away'. 'bang on the ukelele' with a new strange story/intro, and todd picked up the acoustic saying 'this is only the second time i ever played this song' and we got a heartfelt 'afterlife' followed by the closer 'one world'. much work is needed on the technical aspects of the show, as all the performers experienced multiple difficulties. 'pretending to care' was, as always, beautiful. then of course back to more beatles, the third such offering of the night. 'black maria' was very, very rough tonight, due to some major tech glitches. overall, no super highs, no major bummers. very lackluster audience tonight, who knows why.

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04/16/2005 - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre - Pompano Beach, FL

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