Pompano Bch 04/16/05

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I have been a huge Todd fan since the 70's and also a big Joe Jackson fan in the 80's so this was a dream billing for me!!!

We arrived just as Joe Jackson took the stage and missed his opening song and the sound problems I heard occurred.

I thought his set was amazing and too see him w/just a piano playing all of his hits through the years was really a unique experience!

This was my 4th TR show through out the years and I had seen and met him on lat years Liar tour in W.Palm Bch so I didn't know what to expect this time out? I was pleasantly surprised to see Todd stripped down and acoustic on both guitar and piano and felt like I was seeing the essence of his true genius and talent as a singer/songwriter!

His voice and guitar/piano playing were right on and I especially enjoyed seeing him at the piano and hearing "Torch Song"! The encore with Joe & Ethel was also amazing!!! As we were leaving the show we had the good fortune to see Todd standing in front of his tour bus talking w/some other friends/fans! I had met him at last years W.Palm Bch show and had given him a CD of one of my musical projects titled "Ufo Messiah" that I played on and produced www.silentstormusic.com. He said he received so many Cd's on the tour he is still going through them so Todd if you read this review hopefully you will remember me from this past meeting! Todd was very gracious and after our initial introduction he talked about the unusually cold florida weather that night and visiting his son in N.Carolina before the start of the tour!

A surreal ending to a very surreal night of great music!!!

Christopher Phipps
tealgreen records
p.o box 276924 weston fl,33326

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04/16/2005 - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre - Pompano Beach, FL

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