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I had a wonderful night listening to Todd, et al. I'm probably one of the younger fans, having been introduced to Todd in '82. Seems like I've seen him at his tightest and loosest performances during that time. I had read the reviews from Melbourne and could kinda remember seeing him like that. But... if I wanted a perfect performance, I'd go listen to my CD's for the one-millionth and one time. I want to see something unstaged and imperfect. That's perfect to me.

However, the reviews did lower my expectations. But, I was thrilled with the performances. Last time I saw Joe Jackson was years and years ago in Orlando. He actually "shushed" the audience and wouldn't go on until we were quiet. I don't remember much else. Last night, he was still doing that a bit, but seemed more humorous. Doesn't like the crowd to clap during his songs. "Just listen to the music," he told us. I enjoyed his talent last night.

Todd treated us with some of my all time favorites. I was on the edge of my seat the whole set. Starting off with Compassion, giving us Hawking, Pretending to Care, Black and White, Love of the Common Man, Just one Victory, Viking Song, Afterlife, Can We Still Be Friends, Black Maria.... Ahhhh.

His voice still sends me places, his presence and musicianship still set my standard...

I can't wait to see him again in Jax! Thanks, Todd

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04/15/2005 - Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL

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