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"Show Me Some, Determination, Show Me, Show Me a Measure of your Dedication"

Last night in Clearwater "our hero" was on a mission. He did not disappoint.

From "Compassion" for his internet friends all the way to "Just One Victory" and everywhere in between he was unbelievable. His voice was a good as I have ever heard, his playing was determined. He put on a great show.

The thing about last night for a fan of 33 years who always thought that "Todd just does his own thing" and that why he is my favorite has changed for me. He does listen, he does care and I like him even more. He read the reviews of the first show and all I can say is I am greatful that you made it from Melbourne to Clearwater alive also

I was not that impressed with Ethel and Joe Jackson was good, but when they came together it was magic. They pulled it off and after hearing the 3 groups separate I never thought they could. "Black Moria" Killed.

You have got to see this show.

Todd, Thanks for listening, thanks for caring, thanks for coming.

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04/15/2005 - Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL

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