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I know many fans count how many shows they've seen, I've lost count, but since '75 all I know is I love Todd best when he's by himself on stage. He seems to worry less about his surroundings, what others are doing and just perform "like himself." This tour will be no exception to that rule! Liars was great, but I prefer Todd on his own. His set list was as if I picked it myself this time, everything I would like to hear, really amazing with some real surprises. Hearing Hawking again in Ruth Ekered Hall again, just amazing! Of course some of the old standards that he has to do to avoid that old criticism of ditching the classics that got you where you are today..blah blah blah. He played Hello Its Me in some really freaky key just to make it intresting, a little different. With that being said, it is a shorter set than usual of course with the triple bill and I think he felt a bit rushed. Some of the songs felt rushed anyway, and not just played up-tempo but kind of crammed in, but it was still cool. Oh and speaking of that, he set a land speed record for the Viking Song, but that one was a riot, he should get a record/award for that one! His voice was in the best shape all the way through I have ever heard in 30 years, every note right on the money with absolute power and breath control. Some minor glitches with guitar strings and fading mics, but what the hell, a true performer is never shaken by crap like that and he wasn't. I hadn't read any of the stuff from Melbourne so I didn't know what the Compassion thing was about, so we were guessing on the way home, kind of figured it was some fan bashing incident, lighten up folks! You'll enjoy this tour as any other.

Joe was a bit shaky vocally but made up for it in the spiritual performance. Hard to explain that, but he was really connected to his material. I really enjoyed it, he's a great performer and had some real humorous moments with the fans just like Todd does. He had some real core fans there too, which was nice to cheer him on. He goes thru the same thing with the old songs are the really pop favs, what are you gonna do?

Now Ethel. Very loose. They sounded much better with Joe and Todd towards the end, but I would have preferred less Ethel and more Todd frankly, and I do like Classical / String Quartets, but good ones! They need work. The blonde chelosit is pretty good, but one good performer does not make a band.

So lame for all these guys not to sign autographs afterwards, especially Ethel, they are not that good and could really use the fan base! There were only ten people waiting out in the cold so it was pretty inexcusable for them to say "No thank you!"

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04/15/2005 - Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL

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