ruth eckerd hall, clearwater, fl 4-15-05

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short, brief, and i hope, to the point.

first, thank you todd,

"ethel" again did a fine job opening the show.

"joe jackson" looked and sounded more comfortable then wednesday. it sounded like he rethought some piano parts, filling the gaps left by not having the band. his voice was strong and his playing, great. his banter with the audience seemed genuine and i really enjoyed his set.

todd starts out at the piano. sitting down and sending "compassion" out to his internet friends. definitely a different todd tonight. piano playing was great for this song, as well as the rest of the show.

off to the guitar. the set list tonight seemed well thought out. pulling out great surprises throughout the evening.

back to the piano for more of the classics. good job on "viking song" and it was great to hear "hawking."

todd finished his solo set on guitar, closing with "just one victory."

joe returns with "ethel" for a solo song. todd returns and all three acts finish the show. this section still needs a bit of rehearsal and maybe tweaking the songs around a bit. it just didn't sound tight.

again, technical problems reared it's ugly head. monitors still seem to be an issue, and FOH mix still sounds like their having a hard time figuring this tour out.

a few changes with lighting (5 moving fixtures) and a cleaner overall stage appearance added to the production.

the differences between wednesday and friday were incredible. all i can say is "thank you todd, joe, ethel and the entire tech crew for a fantastic job!"

i'm sure the rest of the tour will be successful and satisfying to all who attend.


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04/15/2005 - Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL

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