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I am a lifelong Todd fan but his excuses are starting to wear thin. While I think it took courage for Todd to post here about the weak show, he still seems to be pointing the finger everywhere but at the main problem – Todd’s own lack of preparation and rehearsal. For some time now Todd as treated the first week or so of his solo shows has “working rehearsals.” Anyone who has seen Todd’s initial solo shows the last 10 years knows that they can be pretty awful. I am not going to see Todd perform live again until he gets back enough pride to actually rehearse before hitting the stage and until he shows more respect for his audience. I would rather that Todd not tour at all then make a fool of himself on stage by making mistake after mistake like a child at a piano recital.

Joe Jackson didn’t have any problems, Ethel didn’t have any problems – only Todd. Todd’s excuses would hold more credibility if we hadn’t all seen this act from Todd before – and it’s getting to be a tired, old act. Todd, just so you understand it’s not cute, endearing or funny to see you struggle through classic hits like “I saw the light.” Your fans have been with you a long time. We deserve better.

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04/13/2005 - Maxwell C. King Center - Melbourne, FL

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