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First of all let me say I have been a Todd fan since I first heard his music in 1973 as a high school kid just starting to expand my musical horizons. I have seen Todd over 20 times live. Last show I got a chance to see was The House of Blues in Orlando 2 years ago. Todd was really on his game that night and I told the friend I went with it was one of the best shows I saw of Todd. I went to last nights show with 3 friends, one who had seen him in Orlando and the other two were Todd virgins. After the show one of the virgins said even though there were glitches and miscues he loved the show because it showed him how Todd was able to handle them and inject humor into the show. He enjoyed how he was not so full of himself that he wouldn't go on or finish the show. It humanized him. I told him, wow, you got it the first time.

I am not going to a show to with the intentions of "I hope the sound is perfect, I hope the guitar strings don't break, I hope Todd plays this song or that. I am there to listen to the music and words of a man who brings joy to me each time I hear his songs. I am there to drink a few beers, sit with people I know who feel the same way about the man who is Todd and enjoy myself. Have I seen better Todd shows, yeah, no doubt. Have I seen worse? Probably not. Did I enjoy myself as much last night as I have at every other show. Hell yeah. The people pissing and moaning aren't really true Todd fans, you don't get it or live the Todd philosophy. No man is perfect, no show is perfect, the world isn't perfect, life isn't perfect.

Like someone above said, a lot of the fans were the tea and crumpets crowd that are members of the King Center. I don't think I have ever saw so many Lexus SUVs, Mercedes SUVs and sedans, Lincolns and the other, to use an old term, Yuppie mobiles in a parking lot at a concert as I did there. I actually offended some people with the T shirt I had on that had a picture of the bottom half of a girl in a bikini pulling down her suit that said "Good Bush" and the other side a picture of G Dub that said "Bad Bush". Some moron actually said" Oh, real nice shirt! They let you in with that?" Pathetic that anyone at a Todd show would be upset with a t shirt like that! To that idiot I say go see Charlie Daniels, he is more your speed!

To Todd, thanks for the reply to the negative reviews but you don't have to apologize to your real fans. We love you for what you have given us every day of our life, keep making beautiful music and sharing the love and beauty that is Todd Rundgren. Thanks for sharing April 13th with us! Look forward to seeing you back again, hopefully not at the King Center but at THOB's again. Just One More Victory!


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04/13/2005 - Maxwell C. King Center - Melbourne, FL

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