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I agree with most of the comments on the opening night show. Except, I thought Ethel was painfully bad as an opening act. Their sound was that of a cat being dragged across hot coals.

The sound mix for the show was rather poor, so the quality of all the performances was negatively impacted. Joe Jackson played a good set in spite of a dry throat.

I read in Todd’s posting, that he spent time focusing on set changes. This is remarkable since the set change after Joe consisted of roadies bringing out a guitar and set up four chairs. This should not have been much of a distraction to a performer with Todd’s credentials. Most of the audience was amused by Todd’s humorous attempts to overcome his problems during the evening.

Joe Jackson was the true star of the show – a real professional – who was prepared to play.

Todd’s rendition of “Bang the Drum All Day” while playing a ukulele was memorable.

The highlight of the performance was the performance of “While my Guitar gently weeps” – hopefully they will have an opportunity to record this song at some point during the tour.

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04/13/2005 - Maxwell C. King Center - Melbourne, FL

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