Joe & Todd's Melbourne FL debut

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An excellent intro set by Ethel got everyone in the mood for a night of pop excellence. But what followed were unrehearsed, stumbling acoustic sets by Joe and Todd. Joe's voice hit the note, but his timing and inflections on the supplied grand piano were sometimes awkward and clunky. He pulled it out with an chilling version of Lennon's "Girl". After a short break Todd attempted some difficult songs, fiddled repeatedly with his acoustic's electronics, broke strings, lost his place, missed chords, and his rendition of "Hello it's me" on piano was painful at best. At least he kept his humor up, laughing it all off with jokes about how bad it was. The show finishes with Ethel backing up both singers for five or six songs and was some of the best music of the night. Sure hope they can find the time to rehearse before the next show.- Geno, Melbourne Beach, FL

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04/13/2005 - Maxwell C. King Center - Melbourne, FL

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