Tokyo - 27th October

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Not a review, just some comments about the gig:

The crowd was much bigger tonight than last night. I arrived 10 minutes after the doors opened and there already seemed to be almost as many people in the hall as on Tuesday! Unfortunately my friend didn't get there for another 40 minutes but the Japanese just let her walk right through to the third row of people - amazing! She then beckoned me and the Japanese turned around and actually expected me to walk up to her too!!! Considering I'm taller than most of the Japanese, I was just amazed!

The concert lasted about the usual two and a quarter hours and was as good if not better than last nights IMHO. They certainly seemed to have an air of "last day of term" during the second set!

Kasim's bass solo was brilliant again tonight. That and Mammon are easily the highlights of the concert for me. At the end of Kasim's solo he was playing with both hands further and further away from the neck of his bass and faster and faster! Ted said that he played that like it was "his last bass solo ever ..... or at least his last one this year"!

Ted's voice seemed stronger again to me tonight - he seemed to have more energy and move more on stage too.

When Ted spoke about the pimp outfits he said that they were proud of their pimpery ("pimp pride" he called it) and John said it was "Pimps R us"!

During all of Green Onions, Rex and Randy stood either side of the stage and got us all to clap along! They look so much alike but they seem to have very different personalities! Rex just stood there clapping but Randy was playing air guitar a few times and did some moves with his bowler hat too!

When they were waking Ted, Rebop was really shaking Ted around the chops quite hard which was funny to watch!

Thankfully Love Science was played tonight. It had an abortive beginning as Ted asked John if he'd like to play it with the rest of the band!

Kasim had some tuning problems with his guitar as a few times during songs, he was retuning it. Eventually the tech took it off stage to tune during Ted's solo set.

As Rex (I think) wiped Ted down at the end, he said that he was so grateful that it would be him that would get all his estate when he died!

Usually during the intro into Hello It's Me Ted says about holding out your hand in the traditional way that shows you have no weapons but tonight he said that when you do that, you realise that you haven't washed your hands!

I know it sounds like I'm blowing my own trumpet but I was amused afterwards when we met a guy that had flown in for the concert from Korea because he had "read some chick's reviews of the other concerts" and that had made him decide to attend!

And now back to England for me. Fingers crossed that they play some more Liars concerts.....!

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10/27/2004 - Shibuya AX - Tokyo, Japan

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