Tokyo Oct 26th Review

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Wow. The sound was superb, crystal clear. Todd sounded fantastic, a really strong voice, and the harmonies were exquisite, particularly Ferenzik's Love Science high pitched Love which was so great it cant be human.

I really liked the venue, Shibuya AX, it was the perfect size and the staff were really nice except the guy who stopped me taking photos. The crowd was small but things got very hot due to Japanese government national aircon regulations -not really, but it was hot. And very sweaty on stage.

I didn't know every song so I can't give you a list but all the Japanese audience knew every word of every song. The Japanese girl in front of us could understand everything, and she was having her own private conversation with Todd. When he said anything, she would say "Oh really?", "That's great", "Is that right?". What a helpful and understanding girl.

Anyway, all the songs were stunning, but Past, Beloved Infidel, Truth, Sweet, Flaw, Love Science, Just One Victory, and Liars were supreme. I would have loved to see it again tonight.

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10/26/2004 - Shibuya AX - Tokyo, Japan

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