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Iím beginning to think that this is the high rise tour as today again we went into a building and had to go up and up! It was escalators this time and I counted at least 4!

Maybe because it is a Sunday, the concert started at 5.00pm! They played for about 2 hours and 10 minutes so it meant it was all over by 7.30pm!

This was supposed to have been another standing concert but again there were seats in the hall. When we walked in (about 15 minutes before they were due on stage), most but not all of the 105 seats (5 rows of 21) were taken with only a few people standing at the front. As Osaka is Japanís second largest city, I didnít think this was a good sign. Thankfully more people turned up but there was still probably only just over 200 people there as far as I could see.

Osaka used the same camera policy as Nagoya - "Do you have a camera?" "No" "Okay, go in"!! Unfortunately as there were so few people there and there were wide gaps between the rows of seats it was almost impossible to take photos with all the security guards around - I only saw one person even attempt it.

As soon as Ted walked on stage, the vast majority of the audience got to their feet (and lots gathered at the barrier) and stayed there. Although more people than last night did sit down, it still seemed to be a better atmosphere today.

Although there was no Love Science today, I thought it was a better concert - certainly Ted seemed to be enjoying himself more IMHO.

Kasim's bass solo in Born To Synthesise was just brilliant! I think it was even longer than last night. Right near the end of it though he must have made a mistake as he called out something to the effect of not getting used to a fifth string!

After the solos in BTS Ted described it as a "an Act Of God" (I assume in reference to the earthquake in Japan yesterday)!

During the "pimp" set, Ted wore clear glasses with a narrow frame so it was far easier than normal to see his eyes.

This was another expensive concert by Japanese standards - at about $57 it was expensive by any standard! Once again, there was also a compulsory 500 yen drink ticket that we had to buy!

The "mother fuckers" were just pathetic tonight! At the end of the song when we were supposed to sing it, there was just total silence so Ted sang the line again and a few people managed to call it out!

Just before Ted introduced the Jetsons, he got both Randy and Rex on stage to wipe his face. They were both wearing pimp suits and later during BTS it was Randy and not Kasim that "woke" Ted up - he then mopped Tedís armpits!

Kasimís voice was very loud in the mix (at least where I was standing) so it often sounded as though him and Ted were singing a duet which sounded brilliant to me!

In BTS when Jessie and then the band copy Tedís "I was born" line, there was one part where Jessie totally messed it up so he said that it was due to the large cuffs on his shirt. Kasim then made the comment in the microphone about "only a poor workman blames his tools"!

Ted commented on the fact that the concert was so early and that they are usually only getting up at this time! If his early concerts are all as good as todayís then I certainly hope he plays a matinee tour soon!

Roll on Tokyo on Tuesday....!

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10/24/2004 - Namba Hatch - Osaka, Japan

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