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Buffalo Grass
Fascist Christ
I Hate My Frickin' ISP
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
God Said

Solo Todd: Beloved Infidel Lunatic Fringe

Band without Todd: Green Onions

Band and Todd: Soul Brother Flaw Sweet Past Love Science Born To Synthesize Feel It For The Want Of A Nail Hello It's Me Just One Victory

I'd heard stories that Japanese audiences are very staid and stay seated throughout all the concert with just polite applause but that certainly wasn't the case tonight as almost all the audience stood up though all the show - even during the slower numbers!

God Said was slightly off and there was a long gap before the music at the beginning of Liars started but other than that it was a great show.

Kasim played a brilliant bass solo in Born To Synthesise tonight.

After the solos in BTS Todd described it as a "typhoon" (we've just suffered a typhoon in Japan)!

Todd said a few phrases in Japanese which pleased the audience!

Todd broke a string right at the end of JOV.

The venue was weird though as it was just like an office block and we had to take the lift to the 5th floor! Their camera check was "Do you have a camera?" "No" "Okay, go in"!! Unfortunately security were shit-hot inside and there was no chance of taking a photo as we were in the front row.

The concert cost 7500 yen (about $57) and most Japanese acts that play there only charge 3,000 yen. When we went in there was also a compulsory 500 yen drink ticket that we had to buy! when we exchanged the voucher, there was only a choice of 4 beverages - unfortunately champagne wasn't one of them!

The concert was supposed to have started at 7.00pm but Todd walked on stage at about 7.10pm. It finished at about 9.30pm.

They were selling 3 different types of Liars T-shirts (unfortunately not Prairie’s designed one though) and about 6 different Todd CDs.

I've never seen Todd wear his glasses as little as he did tonight. He took them off at some point during the first set and then didn't wear them at all during the pimp set.

There was about a 3 foot gap from the front row of the seats to the stage and if anyone got within about a foot from the stage, security were on them to step back! Japanese security do it by crawling along the floor so that they don't obstruct anyone's view which is thoughtful but I wonder how many pairs of pants they get through?!!

The "mother fuckers" were very weak tonight from the audience - even worse than the UK ones!

This was advertised as a standing show but for some reason it was all seated. It looked almost full but probably would have only been half full if it was standing.

After Todd introduced the Jetsons, he got Randy on stage to wipe his face. Randy was wearing his pimp suit with a very large cross around his neck too.

The sound in the venue was much better (at least where I was) when I was sitting than when I was standing - there was a lot of difference in the quality.

Roll on Osaka tomorrow....!

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