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I was about twelve or thirteen in 1968 when I was standing in front of a jukebox and put my money in to hear a song called "Open My Eyes". Something about the song seemed different than any other music. I bought "Nazz Nazz" and played it till it wore out. Runt, Ballad of, I didn't care for. I didn't buy S/A. The first time I heard WATS, I felt an absolute harmony in vision and sound and "Eyes that have seen, will know what I mean" struck a chord that echoed through past lifetimes and it seemed I had been in the presence of this voice all my life and beyond.

I first saw Todd perform in the fall of 1974, thirty years ago. I've been coming ever since. I've seen great shows throughout. Last night's show was the most fun, the best venue the greatest crowd and overall best show I can remember. It was like a dream come true. Thanks, Todd, and everybody in involved in putting on the show. I am moving out of the country with no return plans so this one will probably be my last. I will never forget it.

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9/24/2004 - Heritage Theatre - Campbell, CA

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