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Wow! The portland show was almost indescribable, but I'll try! Ted and company played perfectly. Dressed as various religious figures, they put the obvious in our faces - that those who are proclaiming religious supremacy are nothing more than liars manipulating the truth to their advantage. This very important message was underscored with tight guitar leads by Jesse Gress and the unbelievable bass playing of Tedtopia's Kasim Sultin, who looks as if he hasn't aged a day since 1980! Ted played such amazing lead guitar it made me do the " we're not worthy" gesture. Being in the front row at such a small venue was unbelievable! We met people who couldn't say enough about TR and it kind of felt like being at a Dead concert in the 70s. We were treated to "For the Want of a Nail" in addition to the basic set list on this site, and during the encores of "Hello..." and "One More Victory" Ted shook hands with whoever was at front of the stage. Mine twice! What a cool guy he is. He went on and on about how great Portland is, which it is! And he is! The show was very moving, but then I'm 45 years old and have loved Ted's music since I was in the eighth grade. The world needs more people like Ted. He is a genius who surrounds himself with great people.

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9/22/2004 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR

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