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Well, having seen more Todd concerts than I can recall, I'd have to say that this ranks up there in the top five. It's got to be difficult to keep the motivation up at the end of a tour, but the band really threw themselves into the show and the audience was very appreciative and enthused. As I sat there I realized that the first time I saw Todd was in Michigan at the Flint IMA Arena in 1974....30 years ago! Naturally, at that moment of realization, he chose to play the song I remember most from that concert; "Real Man". As I said, the band was really tight. Prairie, Jesse and John played their hearts out, but Kasim "Bass Strap" Sulton had a moment of his own when he became unstrapped from his guitar. Mirth, fun and frivolity ensued as the roadie tried to hook him back up! Todd also played "The Want of a Nail", "Hello It's Me" and finished the show with "Just One Victory" (nice in that I haven't heard it performed live for so long), but the killer song was an acoustical solo of "Beloved Infidel". Haunting and intense is the way I'd describe it. He even treated the crowd to some manic three fingered solo's on Foamy! For an old guy, he can still outplay just about anyone I've ever seen.

The stage was great, the sound as good as the room would allow, the flow and sequencing pretty flawless...but it all could have been a big sloppy musical mess and it still would have been a great night. My girlfriend was as sick as a dog, but her attendance made the evening just a bit more special and she, refreshingly, "gets" what Todd tries to get across in his music. Without getting too sappy, it's always nice to reconnect in person with someone who has had a meaningful and positive impact on ones life. That's the reason I go to his concerts. My friend Bob, his son (and my godson) Austin and I were supposed to go to the show in Royal Oak, MI this past June, but previous commitments prevented it from happening. I wish they could have been here for this one if for no other reason than to share the experience. Dream big, reach high, live, love, laugh, sigh...life is meant to be savored.

Thanks for the years of fun, Todd.

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9/20/2004 - Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ

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