Sep. 18 Cerritos

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The concert was better than I could hope for. The sound was great. The Cerritos Center is a great place for a concert. The set list was the same as posted with the addition of Love Science. Truth, God Said, Liar and Feel It were standouts for me. How TR can still sing a note after Liar is beyond me. Jesse Gress' solo section was awesome! The pacing of the show is perfect with no low points at all. The only glitch was that Ted's guitar didn't work for the ending solo to Just One Victory. Neither TR or the guitar tech seemed too happy about it. The tech fixed the problem but TR just pointed at Jesse and Jesse finished it off. The new material really comes to life live. Prairie Prince and Kasim locked in to put Liars into overdrive. I can't wait for the live DVD!

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9/18/2004 - Cerritos Center - Cerritos, CA

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