Cerritos Center 9-18-04

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Seeing Todd Rundgren and band in the beautiful Cerritos Center was a real treat. Not only is the venue gorgeous, but the stage set was also a delight. Each band member with the exception of Todd was backed by a translucent screen of varying light flashes that coincided with other stage lighting. It was indeed a very impressive sight. Visuals aside, this was truly a vital performance from Todd and band. I have seen Todd perform many times in the last 30 years or so but this one ranks right up there at the top! Not only that, but Todd had the chutzpah to admonish George W. Bush in the midst of Republican Orange County. But what else could you expect from one whose new release is titled "Liars"! The truth IS sweet!

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9/18/2004 - Cerritos Center - Cerritos, CA

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