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This place is a mini Royal Albert Hall. Very acoustically set up, and with three tiers of private boxes along the length of each wall, like you would see in Europe. A classic concert hall, in the real sense of the word. Not a dinner theater, or a converted wherehouse, or something like many smaller venues are. The private boxes seemed to lend themselves well for dancing, and I think some people noticed there were many of them open, and took to finding out how to get into them. They seemed to fill as the evening went on.

WOW....it is obvious Todd and the boys liked the place also, because they were astounding! It was as powerful an experience as I have seen anywhere. We sat in the front row of the balcony, and had a chance to people watch as well as take in the show. The crowd was great and there were plenty of people getting INTO it.

Love Science came off without a hitch, and we were glad to get a chance to hear it on this tour.

One thing that struck me were the many people who sat down AFTER Just One Victory, and went WHEW!!! I saw quite a few people catching their breath, and I also saw a 20 something young lady across from me who was completely in tears, overwhelmed. What more can I say?

Intense Stuff....THE BEST.

Dave and Karen

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9/18/2004 - Cerritos Center - Cerritos, CA

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