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with the wide variety of opinions of this show/tour, i feel i should weigh in with a review: this was a GREAT todd show. i've seen every tour in the u.s. since 'adventures in utopia' and this absolutely ranks up there with the best (adventures, nearly human, tr-i). todd was very much 'on' the whole night. the fact that his guitar wasn't working just prior to 'beloved infidel' and he didn't get the slightest bit upset about it should be a pretty good indication.

the negative reviewers on this night must have been standing at the far ends of the venue, because the sound was the best i've heard it at this club. and perhaps attention deficit disorder is to blame for other's reactions. i mean, if you're a real fan, you won't be bored with 2 hours and 20 minutes of todd. (not even his sucky shows are boring.)

highlights for me:
mammon (much funkier w/ Kasim's bass line than on the record)
fascist christ
born to synthesize ("wake up, todd" section)

the cerritos performing arts show the next night was also very solid, but didn't quite have the vibe of the canyon club.

vocals: better at the canyon club
sound mix: better at the canyon (cerritos had the vox a little too out front in the mix (for me).. and it could have been louder.
crowd: possibly more true fans at the cerritos show, and todd may have smiled a bit more, but the sit-down/stuffy theatre environment didn't help.
todd's guitar playing: better at the canyon by far. (too low in the mix at cerritos esp. on 'feel it')
todd's in-between song banter: more of it at cerritos
costumes: better at the canyon (maybe i have problem with orange)
love science: not played at the canyon

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9/17/2004 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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