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Sorry it took a couple of weeks to get around to this.

Well, the show was great from my perspective. The Canyon Club had jammed tables right up to the stage to seat more eating patrons, so my idea of getting to stand up front on the "dance floor" didn't turn out as I expected. If I have to say anything critical, there is something unholy about people chomping food at tables in front of a "rock" band, but there it was.

So, I stood on a sofa in the back next to the sound man, watching his equalizer program on the Powerbook.

I often wonder about people who go to a Todd performance and complain that this was not his best, or he didn't do enough familiar songs, or the sound was bad, etc. I'm just glad to be able to still do this and Todd still does this and he sounded really good as well as the band. Todd seemed happy that night and that was uplifting in of itself. It was good to see people jumping up to dance because they were sincerely moved by one tune or another. One guy was so loaded that he fell over and took a couple of people with him. They got him back on his feet, balanced him, and he was able to continue to enjoy the show. I spoke to a pleasant fellow from Glasgow standing on the sofa to the right of me and with my friend from Canada to the left of me, we had a good chunk of the world covered. I've got nothing bad to say about the show... it was really good and I left with a smile.

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9/17/2004 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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