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We left San Clemente around 2pm and sat in LA traffic most of the drive. Got to Agoura Hills around 5pm. Clear, beautiful day with a bit of a breeze. We decided to stop and pick up our tix at the Canyon Club on the way to the hotel. The Canyon Club is a funky, old unique building with a great clock steeple on top. Todd and the band were already there rehearsing, the door was open a bit and we got to watch for a few minutes before they closed it because of fans beginning to show up.

We went to the hotel and then to dinner at a great little cantina right near the club. Back to the hotel to watch the postponed Yankee game.

The Canyon Club is right up the street from the hotel, so we weren't too worried about getting there early. The show started at nine and we got there about 8:45,,,,,thank Todd we did because right when we walked in the pods began to light up and the music started and there was Todd 15 minutes early.

The crowd was totally pumped (and wasted, it's a dinner house and people had been drinking for hours). The place was packed. Todd came out in the black cape with the hood. No change in set list from the show that we saw at the Sycuan in Alpine the Friday night before. His voice was even better (if that's possible, because he sounded great there too). He did get a bit hoarse part way through and it seemed as though his voice might go out, but it didn't and "Liar" sounded the best ever. Crowd went wild.

He appeared to be in a great mood and the atmosphere was charged. A glitch or two with the band and the guitar that he wanted to use for "Beloved Infidel" wouldn't work. He said something to the affect that it was a "worthless piece of $@#*", so he used Foamy instead. Heard that he did Love Science in a recent show, but not this one.

He wore the striped pimp suit with great tie for the second half of the show. Crowd totally got into "Flaw" and sang along at the top of it's drunk lungs to the chorus. Also the same with "Hello It's Me". The sound was clear and loud where we were. The usual annoying drunk, harassing people, was present. We are off to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center for tonight's show, 3rd row center, orchestra, hopefully fewer annoying drunks.

We witnessed a virgin become a ToddHead right next to us. She was a 20 something with her boyfriend. She even had to ask him who "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was written by (do people like that really exist?, and Why?) At that point I had lost any shred of feelings of humanity towards her, until I realized that she was having a great time, never having heard Todd before and was asking what Todd CD she should get. A real conversion right before my eyes!!!

Great show, Great everything...thanks once again Todd!!!

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9/17/2004 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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