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I was at the Todd and the Liars show last friday and I thought it was just so-so.

The band sounded pretty good and the set was very cool for such a small stage. I actually thought it might have been a little cramped for the band, but who knows maybe it expands for other shows. The costumes were pretty cool too. I'm surprised that big hat stayed on Prarie Prince while he was playing!

I too thought the sound mix was pretty bad. This isn't the first time I have seen a show at the canyon Club and I was quite surprised at how bad it sounded, as it can sound pretty good there. I did notice that instead of using the usual large mixing board that lives there, the sound guy was using this tiny little board. Maybe that had something to do with it.

Some songs were pretty good regardless. Want of a Nail was awesome, as was ISP, Facist Christ and Truth. The whole Soul part of the show was way too long and boring though. Just One Victory ( one of my favorites) was just blah. The other review was right on about not hearing Kasim at all on that tune. And Jesse playing the solo? Only Todd should play that end guitar solo! I would have loved to hear a Todd song instead of Lunatic Fringe. How bout Love of the Common Man? or Cliche?

Speaking of other reviews, who let the dogs out? I thought this was supposed to be about the fans take on the show, not about attacking the other reviewers. Censor the children please!

All and all a so-so evening. Kind of like going to the movies. Its a bit dissapointing as I've seen Todd many times and have been completely blown away more often than not. The whole Todd is God thing is getting pretty old though. Just like Todd.

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9/17/2004 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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