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hello, it's me, Nate here, and I don't usually take the time to write reviews because basically they're all opinions, and like assholes, everybody has one, but I was inspired to write mostly because of the stellar observations of another reviewer (Steve Stevens) first of all I can't believe we were at the same concert, I thought it was a great show, the band was tight, everybody shined in their solo spots, and I have never heard Todd 's voice sound better. I don't know how many concerts Steve goes to, but sound mixes are a bear to control, I've been in situations where the club had their own mixer who refused to let the band sound mixer touch anything, instead they would have to stand next to the club mixer and feed him the cues, and I thought the days of union control were long gone, and speaking of cheap ass motherfuckers, how is it that Mr. Stevens never pays for a Todd show, is it that he is a music critic who gets into all the shows for free, or does he know some people at the clubs to get him in for free, and is it possible that because of people like him, the rest of us wind up paying more for our concert tickets, I don't know, but what I do know is that personal attacks do not belong in an objective concert review, (how does it feel to be on the receiving end Stevie?) and I love the part " I'm glad I didn't pay to get in or I'd be pissed", well you sound pretty pissed anyway, so it's nice to know that along with conditional love you're also blessed with conditional hate and anger, sounds like you have a pretty full plate Steve! As far as Todd's song selection, I don't know if you noticed Mr. S but almost the whole show had a slight political bend to it and "lunatic fringe" seems to be Todd's view on where the government is at this particular point in time, go figure, but I digress, this was my wife's first show and she had a great time, and I loved kasim's solo where he threw in parts of "last of the new wave riders", "hammer in my heart" and the "seven rays", a real mindblower, thank you kasim, and thank you todd and all the liars that made this show possible. See Steve, I loved the show and I even paid to get in, that's what keeps me honest.

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9/17/2004 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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