Agoura Hills

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I managed to programme my holiday plans in California around the date for this concert, and was so glad that I did.

Being Scots, it was great to see Ted and the Liars in Glasgow at the Carling Academy in July, and after seeing the Canyon Club show last month, one thing finally hit home to myself.

Liars is an outstanding album, and is performed outstandingly well on tour. In a few years time, we will be talking about the "Liars Tour", of that I have no doubt.

It was great chatting to some people who had been to several of the Liars concerts ( not so good that I managed to lose the e-mail address of the lassie that had already seen 7 of them - if you are reading this, any chance of getting in touch ? ).

Just waiting now for the dvd to come out.

A very happy huffster.

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9/17/2004 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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