SF, Fillmore show

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What a show. My gawd. The best I've seen of Todd in ten years. Set list was similar if not identical to Petaluma's show. And I gotta echo what one of the Petaluma reviewers noted: anytime I hear Just One Victory close a Todd show, I go home happy. Todd and band worked their asses off. And what an array of styles! We all knew this about Todd, but I kept imagining some Fillmore employee bopping in to the show to find out "what kind of music this Todd guy plays"

Is it hard driving rock? Is it blues-inflected? Trans-hiphop? Warm reflective ballads? Soaring hope-filled anthems? Gospel soul? Lounge jazz? Electronica? Angry political goth metal?

He would have got a different opinion each time he bopped his head in.

But to us it's all Todd.

Thank godd...

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9/15/2004 - Fillmore - San Francisco, CA

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