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Dear husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary by getting out of our Mendocino County boondock digs, slinking into a groovy SF hotel for an overnighter, and catching Todd Rundgren's concert at the Fillmore. (BTW, I/we're long-time/long-term fans totally grooving on Todd's major return to form after a few years off with Liars.)

The concert was, in our experience, fabulous...although it was a bit slow to warm up at the start, we loved every second of it. To begin the surprising light show/stage set (color field therapy?), funky costumes, focus on new tunes and important theme, were all wonderful. The rest was tightly, and dare I say, "soulfully", rendered ..."Truth" was truly a knock-out though I guess one ought to have been there to know for sure hehehe - but this wonderful band was just warming up (as ya'll likely know by now) , you see...fast forward to the cover of George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" followed by Todd's brilliant "godsaid" and we were...um...utterly "there" with Todd's beautiful voice/lyrics, the architecture of the Fillmore building itself, and, last but not least, the other participants of the September 15th/SF concert (we enjoyed close proximity to several persons)

And they were just warming up .. .this was all quickly followed by "Liars" - a song which brings up memories of primal screams regarding the whole "Man against Man" thing-y .. the first of two jam band breaks (great solos, esp. Jesse) ... fast forward to a very moving set of the deep honey-sweetness of such obviously carefully and lovingly performed songs such as "Soul Brother", "Sweet", and "Past" (also in there a bonus version of Love Science that fit right in the set, but Todd seemed not to find up to snuff regardless of its brilliance) ...and, well, as for the finale - go see for yourselves

Certainly Todd is saying important things more beautifully than ever.

...with much love to each and all, Holly

P.S. - Hubby missed "stoodup" and I missed "future"

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9/15/2004 - Fillmore - San Francisco, CA

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