In Through the Mystic

Review by Stephanie Houston (Switch to

We came to worship
and there they were
Waiting for us, the faithful.
Dressed in the vestments of 
their assigned beliefs.

And it began.

We supplicated We bowed We kissed the sky, Spoke in tounges, praised and witnessed, shouted to the heavens In Thanks of this Glorious night.

And the High Priest the Head Shaman He lead us on With the power of the Almighty surging through his being He sang, crooned, raged cajoled and beckoned us to go deeper and higher To purge our outer selves and transend into the shining light emanating from our souls.

We would not be denied this moment of glory this moment of truth this awesome glimpse of the Whole. And in the water of sweat that poured off our bodies as we danced in the eternal now we were baptised and made human once again.

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9/14/2004 - Mystic Theatre - Petaluma, CA

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