review of Mystic Theatre, Petaluma 9/14/04

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What a pleasant surprise! This was the best show I've seen OH do since 2nd Wind. I've seen plenty of TR shows (over 100!), including some fairly mediocre offerings over the last few years....Ted is back in a big way! The band was tight, sound was better than usual, stage/presentation were GREAT. This is a show not to be fact I may go to SF tonight to get another hit; it was THAT good. Setlist:
Truth (w/Kasim on Synth)
Buffalo Grass
Fascist Christ
I Hate My Frickin' ISP
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
God Said (Awesome!!)
TR solo--Beloved Infidel
           --Lunatic Fringe
band returns--Funk (Green Onions)
Soul Brother
Born To Synthesize
Feel It
The Want of a Nail
1st encore--Hello It's Me
2nd encore--Just One Victory
There were a couple of flaws, nothing worth quibbling over, and as I said to my lifelong buddy after the show: "Anytime he plays Just One Victory, I go home happy. Saw a few old friends from TR shows, a couple of people I knew in high school, made some new friends, even chatted up Ike Willis (from Zappa's band); everyone in attendance left satisfied. Talked to Prairie, Jesse and Kasim afterwards, then had a few moments with Ted outside; he was much more mellow and friendly than in recent years. He recognized me and came over to say hi. Great show, great night, don't miss this one if you can help it!!

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9/14/2004 - Mystic Theatre - Petaluma, CA

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