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I've never left a concert in tears before totally heartbroken that it had ended, feeling like I witnessed an event of total human perfection and transcendance I hardly go to any concerts anymore because I'm so picky and critical and I was beyond saturated with Todd last night.

Been a fan since the beginning, and think I saw Todd at the peak of his powers last night with every talent coming together as is humanly possible. It went from as tightly brilliantly intense as possible to as crushingly sensitive as possible, as soulful as possible seamlessly from beginning to end. The performance was so un-held-back, totally effortlessly powerful and the utter best of Todd who he is as an artist -the intent of such meaningful words and subjects delivered so authentically and musically powerfully. I could barely stay in my body during 'Past' and even the very first song!

Sorry for the gushing. But I wasn't even this moved at McCartney's last tour. Decided to go at the last minute and was totally surprised.

Loved the staging & costuming with the 4 musicians separately backlit and not front-spotted, and unique effective lighting very supportive to the music without overwhelming it.

Last night is now my new standard of concert perfection. WOW and THANK YOU TODD. I LOVE YOU.

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9/14/2004 - Mystic Theatre - Petaluma, CA

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