House of Blues, Las Vegas Sept. 12 performance review

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First of all, I was glad to see Todd would be at the House of Blues with a band this time - last time he was in Vegas, he toured solo and had an opening act. After hearing the cd "Liars," I could not wait to hear the songs live. I was a little disappointed that he didn't perform the whole album as he did with previous releases when he played in Vegas. I would have liked to have heard "Afterlife" and "Wondering" instead of "Godsaid" (which he sang very, very flat in my opinion). I know Todd likes to sing a few notes off, but his flatness was painfully obvious on "Godsaid." Todd didn't play enough for my liking. The times when he did play his guitar, you couldn't hear it. I was thinking the sound guy was new. There was feedback a few times, and the background vocals on "Soul Brother" could not be heard until the end of the song. I did like the set and the lighting effects. I was most impressed with the drumming of Prairie Prince. The man can still bang the drums all day! I have been to all of Todd's shows here in Vegas since the interactive "No World Order" tour (which I still have drumsticks from playing on stage with him and 5 others - a treasure!) and I must say I was most impressed with his vocal and performance when he played at The Hard Rock promoting "The Individualist." I realize he is getting older, but I give this performance a low B/high C. But that does not diminish the degree of my fandom! I think Todd is an angel, and has a message for us all. He's the most prolific songwriter ever! His latest cd, "Liars," is such an inspiring work! I can't understand why he didn't perform the whole album - almost every song is QUALITY! I get chills listening to it, and I would have to have gotten bigger chills at the show. But I enjoyed myself, dancing in the very top row upstairs looking down on it all. And I'm glad he didn't get thrown out because of his expressed political views like Linda Rondstadt did recently (she was escorted from the Aladdin, NOT the House of Blues). Thanks, House of Blues, for allowing artists to express themselves COMPLETELY!

Todd, you're still THE MAN, and I want to thank you for your songs of inspiration and love. You have touched my life in many ways that no other artist has. I love you, Todd! I look forward to the day when we can meet, and you could perhaps produce MY record!

Peace and love to all...

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9/12/2004 - House of Blues Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV

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