TR at Sycuan

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Was an "interesting" venue, a small 450 seat theatre with large, overstuffed seats, off the main BINGO hall in an Indian Casino, with no alcohol on the whole premises??? This is a Todd concert??


The sound was great, Todd's voice was in excellent shape, and the band was as tight as ever. Having checked out the mixed reviews here from previous dates on this tour, I really wasn't expecting the show to be as terrific as it was. The mix of songs was perfect. I like it when this band rocks out, and had actually wished for more in previous tours. The first 1/3 of this show rocked, and I looked around to see if there were many folks that looked confused, expecting "Hello, It's Me" Todd....but I didn't see any.

Fascist Christ was extremely tight.

It was really nice to hear Just One Victory again.

I really think that you folks headed to the Vegas date are in for a treat. This show should be even better at a larger hall, with more TR fans to get into it. The problems were few ( there is always something that happens, with musicians that are so perfect) I'm wondering if everyone found the sound as great as wee did ( we were 5th row middle) Todd's voice is strong, Prairie, Kasim, Jesse, and John ARE having fun, and it shows.

Hello to the other Fans we met at the Singing Hills resort, we stayed up late and talked Todd with some people we met there. Since the show was in a smoky casino, in the hills outside of El Cajon, with no BAR...and the resort was closed up and silent at 11pm, all we could do was sit with the few folks who ventured out, looking for SOMEONE, ANYONE to share a few thoughts and a beer with. We heard Todd was staying there, and I'm pretty sure I saw Kasim sitting at a computer in his room. There wasn't much else to do.

Great Show, Great Room..

Funky Setting

Dave and Karen

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9/10/2004 - Sycuan Resort & Casino - El Cajon, CA

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