Delacourt Theater

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Todds Solo performances just seem to get better and better. The Delacourt Theater in Cental Park was the scene of the finest singer/songwriters of our generation ( But of course you all know that cause your on his site). With a few guitars and piano, TR gave us a unforgettable tour of his greatest hits and misses. What stuck me was that after a 35 year career his voice is just as beatiful as it was when he started, actually he seesm to have a larger range than i have heard in the past. The highlight and funniest part of the show was during " Hello Its Me" which he sang from the piano TR seemed to get stuck towards the end and had to stop a few times and restart "OHH MAN I THOUGHT I KNEW THIS SONG" was his comment which sent the crowd into a hilarious roar.

TR's ability to connect whith the crowd is superb. NO EGO-NO PRETENTION-NO BS

Brilliant show

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8/24/2004 - New York, NY - Delacorte Theater (Central Park)

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