Delacorte Theater Central Park NYC review from 8-25-04

Review by Mike Racioppi (Switch to

It was a beautiful summer night in NYC and a great venue for Todd. The opening act was Ethel - a string quartette that did some interesting stuff. Joe Jackson followed and was terrific - voice in great form and played piano.

Todd came out and played on acoustic guitar:


Don't want to tie you down

Love of the common man


Black and white

Then he switched to piano and played:

It wouldn't have made any difference

Viking song


Free male and twenty one

Hello its me

Bang on the drum

You've got to hide your love away

Beloved Infidel

Lunatic fringe

One world

Then came out for an encore with Ethel and Joe Jackson and played acoustic guitar:

While my guitar gently weeps

Black Maria

Highlights -

His voice was in great form - did not miss a note - rich deep and with lots of feeling. Tie you down was moving. Compassion outstanding.

The real highlight was black and white on acoustic- don't think I have heard him do this on acoustic before.

Also the last encore of black maria with the violins doing the lead guitar parts - cool....

Lowlights -

Only on one song did he mess up and forget cords - hello it's me -

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8/24/2004 - New York, NY - Delacorte Theater (Central Park)

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