Manchester 18/7/2004

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Never seen Ted live before and have wanted to for ages. I was not disappointed. I purchased the Liars album and was very happy with the live renditions of the tracks. Liars was phenomenal, excellent pulsating rhythm and Teds warbling voice crystal clear. Enjoyed Facist Christ and Born to Synthesise in a lounge singer stylee. Treated to Kasim's Tedtopiaesque bass solo. Amazing. Was he a toddler when he was in Tedtopia as he seemed really young?

When I rang the box office to book they said it was nearly sold out so I took a ticket in the Gallery. Great view but I could also see some empty seats in the stalls which I could've had nearere the front.

Like I said, great concert... but... I know people have said this before, some older numbers in between the new stuff wouldn't go a miss. Not really for my sake but people around where I was sat didn't know the recent music so they couldn't fully participate and so this must have detracted from the overall atmosphere.

Hope Ted enjoyed it, he did talk about it being a disaster and try to share the blame with the other band members. (I think this was a joke... but not too sure) He said he would've sacked the guitarist if it wasn't for the fact that it was his last gig in the UK (this was a joke).

Hurry back Ted.

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7/18/2004 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, England

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