Manchester Bridgewater Hall

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This time I had a seat about a mile from the stage and well over to the left but the sound was well-balanced and crystal-clear, loud without being deafening. My photos from this gig are all blurred - Ted WOULDN'T keep still! The gig was very similar to London in content but had a real "End of the tour" feel to it - a lot of joking between the band members - especially when Jesse (accidently?) played out of turn and Ted threatened to sack him - "but I can't, it's the last gig!"

The crowd was better though, rising to their feet for a standing ovation prior to the 1st encore and staying there till the end (although they were a lot less willing to join in the "Motherfu**er Chorus"!)

Sad not to hear Love Science at this gig (and he definitely didn't play "Stood Up" this time (or did he?)) but, all in all, the better sound quality & party atmosphere made it well worth going to both gigs (Who am I kidding? If the dates had been published a little earlier, I had the holiday days left at work, and the money, I would have been at all of them - US dates included!!!)

My only gripe - The tour T-shirt - No dates. No picture (although I don't blame them for not including the album cover - it is a bit naff!) 15 for something you could have knocked up at home for next-to-nothing!

Rock on Ted - and don't leave it so long next time - England needs you!!!!

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7/18/2004 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, England

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