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All was well for this one. Arrived in good time, even got to chat to nice chap who hadn't seen Todd since 1978. I was so sad when asked Did he play "Love is the Answer" with such longing in the voice and I had to say sorry, no. I was looking forward to seeing the colour of Todd's suit in the second half of this marathon show of 2 1/4 hours non-stop Liars extravaganza. I was surprised by how many faces were familiar from Birmingham and London. Kasim got to wear the bright suit this time, my favourite Liverpool red, Todd only brown (I did have a go at him, I must admit :o(( sorry guys, I couldn't help it...) But after the banana yellow and fantastic fluorescent orange suits previously, I was expecting fuschia pink !!

Knowing the score by now and sad that this was the last and I had missed 2 (shame Glasgow was the night before or I'd have gone up too) I knew this would be a goodie and it really was tremendous. Also that I had to get down to front for encores to have chance of a handshake. I am so glad I didn't just go to Birmingham as I didn't enjoy that one, yet all the same show, nearly. Too tired. Very tired after whole week of Toddfest, but great to be there.

Voice still pretty well damn perfect, after all that screaming, still amazes me. I'm still hoarse 3 days later. Wonderful vocals. I would have been a singer if not for poor throat... Wish the music had not been quite so loud at this one, struggled to hear words a little, but hubby had no probs. We didn't get Love science in Manchester but rest was the same. Todd talked less each time, he made a few political jokes the first time I saw him which no-one got, so he said n'owt at all first half and little in the second and it flowed much better (sorry, we are English...). Joined in louder each time when asked to sing MF in flaw. Noticed he told parents to take kids out, which he didn't do earlier (I covered 11 year old's ears in Brum and la-la'd through it, as always) beautiful ballad, musta been lousy experience.

Sad he only does 2 encores now - he always used to do 3 in the 70's. Got to shake the Great Man's hand about 12 times on Sunday. I also fought off the security guard who wanted us all to sit down by telling him Todd really wanted us there, he was going to shake people's hands in a minute. Fluttering eyelashes and careful pleading worked well and he sloped off when he saw we weren't gonna move from the front.

I shouted at Todd to take off his constant sunglasses (I so wanted to see His eyes) which he did and winked at us, which was great. He kept the damn things on for the whole of the rest of it, though. Guess you can't tell if someone's lying if their eyes are obscured ? The burnt out cathedral type set had some stunning lighting going on, too. Would have preferred more interaction with Kasim and the guys, which was lost as they just stood in their telephone boxes. A bit of old fashioned jammin' would not have gone amiss. Still Love you Todd, will to the grave, you'll be playing at my funeral mate, along with You'll Never Walk Alone.

Really enjoyed this one, Todd. Please come back soon and do a few more oldies, us fogies need to hear them again and again. Age 14-45 me, and still rockin' to you... By the way, I hope you gave my amethyst bracelet to someone you care about or I'll have it back :o))) I'd be gutted if you just chucked it, though you must be given tons of stuff on your travels - it was my fave...

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7/18/2004 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, England

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