manchester bridgewater hall 18/7/04

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I and three Todd fanatics travelled from hartlepool (north east England,125 miles) to Manchester playing LIARS C.D.over and over trying to familiarise the songs as we heard T.R. doesn't play many oldies on this tour. PHEW good job we did as the people that told us wern't joking. Good or not Todd trett the manchester audience with contempt! This idol of mine and most in the hall didn't communicate with us for the first hour.I think he's been taking some of these 'Todd is God' compliments too seriously.I travelled far and paid good money to see a hero of mine BE IN A BAD MOOD.And as far as P.A.s go I think he left it at the airport,hardly heard a word he sung all night and only just caught the handful of small GUITAR SOLOS he could be bothered to play.Todd is still my fave artist of all time but so wish he was on form this time.

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7/18/2004 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, England

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