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Well finally got to see Todd having been a fan for nearly 30 years! The last concert I went to was in 1978 at the Venue in London, 10 people crammed into the back of a van and drove from Liverpool in the cold of December. Once inside the venue, eagerly awaiting the show to begin, when an announcement was made that Todd would not be performing due to illness. GUTTED!

So 26 years later I heard that he was playing in the UK and booked the tickets the next day back in April, caught up with his back catalogue of CD's, (kept postman busy delivering my CD's from USA), bored my wife to death and familiarised myself with the whole set.

My wife and I arrived in Manchester and sought out the theatre. Fans were already gathered outside the Artists Entrance and we were told that the tour bus had just left to pick Todd up. As he got off the bus, I was first to greet him and shook his hand and said hello. He was very gracious and signed the cover of my Liars CD, posed for pictures with everyone, even though he was being urged inside for his sound check.

To the show - a great opener with the Truth, the new material sounded great and he put his heart and soul into the performance. Amazing for a man of 56 years young! While my Guitar really showed off his excellent guitar skills, beloved infidel was very moving and brought tears to our eyes. All the Liars tracks sounded excellent although Green Onions was a great toilet break! Born to Synthesize did drag on a bit and I felt that the rig was not powerful enough but on the whole, very minor grumbles. My wife had her reservations as she was not really into the new material, more of a 'Can we still be friends' girl but really enjoyed it. Loved the encores, Hello it's me and One Victory - the interaction with the crowd, handshaking was really nice and intimate. Amazingly I met up with my friend Ian, who travelled with us to the cancelled date at the Venue.

I hope you read these reviews Todd when you get back to Hawaii and I just want to say how much pleasure you have given me and countless others in the UK over the years and please don't leave it so long to come back to England next time. (Maybe a greatest hits tour which would really please my wife - she's a convert now!)

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7/18/2004 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, England

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