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We arrived in Manchester around 4-30 and proceeded to the stage door to await the band who duly arrived about 5-15 - Ted happily signed everybody's albums etc.. and posed for photos - Prairie recognised us from previous shows and was cool as ever . The Bridgwater Hall is a lovely venue which reminded me very much of the Symphony Hall in Birmingham which Ted played last week . We were lucky enough to have front row seats - very close to Pretty Bird from the forum ( who is also from my hometown !) As already posted the set was same as Glasgow - the band seemed to be enjoying themselves , especially Kasim who hardly stopped smiling - at point he also 'projected' water towards Prairie ! Ted said nothing to the crowd during the first half but Beloved Infidel was beautiful and ISP really rocked ! Prairie seemed to be really going for it playing far more fills than at previous 2 shows I went to . Second half was really fun - during Synthesise Ted said ' this is the bit where I get hit in the eye with a lolipop and the then next week have a heart attack ! ' - I'm sure the Bowie fans loved that ! We got to shake Ted's hand during Hello and JOV and whilst shaking my g/friend Nicky's hand he lifted his glasses and winked at her in true Benny Hill style !! she will never let me forget that ! all in all a great last UK show for this tour - maybe lacking the sparkle of RFH show but better than Birmingham. Just wished I had seen other 2 shows ! Hope he returns soon .

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7/18/2004 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, England

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